Premarital Counseling / Marriage Counseling


Dan offers a 1-hour premarital counseling session to get newlyweds off to a great start. Many married couples schedule these sessions to get things back on track and get advice on handling certain situations. Although his roots began as a spiritual counselor, his subsequent training and experience has moved him beyond that to be the much respected counselor he is today.


Single session:  $60 by appointment

The 60-90 minute session will move smoothly through issues from the past, financial planning, modern marriage concepts and any subject which may be a cause of concern for the future, stopping for questions or additional counseling along the way when needed.


Counseling is usually done as soon as wedding plans begin, ideally before invitations are sent out.  Seldom does a premarital class halt marriage plans. However it is better to get it done before things get to far, or in case it is decided to wait a bit longer to tie the knot.


A minister of the non-denominational Church of Practical Theology, Dan has assisted people from all over the world with various religious and non-religioius backgrounds through transpersonal (total-self) counseling and therapies. 


A respected authority on belief systems and philosophy, he has received many awards and natioal recognition for his work. He is a popular guest speaker on topics such as personal growth, recognizing conflicting beliefs, love, marriage, relationships, belief systems, general philosophy, recovery issues, meditation, self-esteem, metaphysical concepts and spiritual awareness.

Professional Transpersonal Counselor since 1986.

Certificate: Theology & Metaphysics (St. Johns University of Practical Theology)
Began Counseling in Lafayette and New Orleans

Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy - 1990

Seven years conducting satellite workshops at ULL

Certificate: Unfinished Business - Living Love & Codependency (Keyes College, Coos Bay OR) 1992

Named to Esquire's Who's Who in PHilosophy & Religion - 1995

Association of Religious Counselors

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