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Save $hundreds to $thousands for a head start on your future.

172 Mimosa Place, Lafayette LA 70506 (by appointment only)

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Option One -  $500.00
         Wedding Ceremony including Cake & Punch

Option Two - $250.00 
         Wedding Ceremony only at The Cottage

Option Three $60.00  By Appointment Only
         Elope/Casual Office Marriage  (The "Quickie")

Small Weddings and Elopements are celebrated weekends or weekday evenings at Dan's Cottage in central Lafayette. A Garden Ceremony is planned (weather permitting) from March through October. For most, all that is needed is to obtain the marriage license, decide what to wear and who will be invited.

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Option One -  $500.00
Wedding Ceremony with Cake & Punch Reception

Limited to Bride, Groom and 12 guests

    This Small Wedding Celebration is provided by Rev. Dan as a personal service to those who want a very nice yet simple wedding and have few people attending or are on a tight budget. This is the most economical option available in this area. (Just the venue, bouquet and cake elsewhere will cost over $1200, and no special decoration is needed at The Cottage.) 
     The Cottage décor is cozy ‘New Orleans Style’ with antiques and crystal so additional decoration is not needed.  Ceremonies are scheduled for garden, weather permitting. The Cottage is an adult facility.

No children under 12/no exceptions. 
     Bride and one helper may arrive up to an hour early to finish dressing. Other guests will arrive on time and Rev. Dan will officiate a customized ceremony followed by a one-hour Social, indoor or garden (weather permitting), before you head off “into the sunset.” A Ceremony Planning Form will be provided so we can design your ceremony with options available.
($100 non-refundable deposit, balance due two weeks before event.)
Call or email for an appointment to visit.


  • Use of Silk Bouquet & Boutonniere
  • Beautiful Recorded Music
  • Toasting flutes, glasses, plates, silverware
  • Wedding Cake (see below link for samples)
  • Mock Champagne Punch


*We have both an associate photographer and a florist who offer discounts for weddings at The Cottage when available. Let us know if you would like more information on those options.

Option Two - $250.00 
Wedding Ceremony at The Cottage

Full ceremony, the two of you with a limit of 12 guests, who will also serve as witnesses. Includes officiating by Rev. Dan. All is done within an hour. The Cottage décor is cozy ‘New Orleans Style’ so additional decoration is not needed. The Cottage is a private adult facility.

No children under 12/no exceptions.
Bride and one helper may arrive up to an hour before to finish dressing. Others must arrive on time. We have music and a silk bouquet and boutonniere you may use, and you may add one reading and any of the extra ceremonies from the Ceremonies page on this website. Call or email for an appointment to visit.

($50 non-refundable deposit with balance due two weeks before event or cash on arrival.)


Option Three $60.00  By Appointment Only / no advance meeting
Elope/Casual Office Marriage Service 
This is a quick, simple but lovely marriage service designed for couples who simply want to get married privately like used to be done in a Judge's office with a deposit made through PayPal or mailed with no advance meeting.
There is a limit of 6(six) guests, two of whom must be over 18 and will serve as witnesses.  No children under 12/no exceptions. After verifying the License, we will go through the marriage questions, exchange vows and rings, and sign the legal documents. All takes about 15 minutes.
($30 deposit, balance due in cash on arrival)

NOTE: The standard fee for a Justice of the Peace is $100 to $150. If an advance meeting is required, the fee will be $100.

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