Wedding Officiant ~ Ceremonies & Rehearsals

     Rev. Dan is known  for his beautiful ceremonies and

     extra assistance when he arrives to ensure all goes well.

     Whether civil or spiritual, you will have a wonderful ceremony.


Fee at your chosen venue is based on time allowed for meeting, preparation, travel, officiating and filing. Ceremonies run 15 to 30 minutes from walk-in to walk-out, depending on the number of attendants, options, and special added ceremonies. (Rehearsal is not included.)
$30 deposit required to book. A Ceremony Planning Form will be sent to begin considering options. Once completed, the order of the ceremony will be sent to you for approval. When Dan arrives for the ceremony he will help coordinate attendants, musicians and photographers so you can relax and enjoy a smooth and beautiful wedding ~ even if you did not rehearse.

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The Officiant does not need to rehearse. Rehearsals are to arrange pairing, lining up, staging, and walking in and out. Dan can be hired to direct the rehearsal if needed so that everything will run smooth and beautiful, or you could opt for the Afternoon Tea with off-site rehearsal if your venue is not available. Otherwise, he does not attend. If you have hired a planner or chose a venue that specializes in weddings, check to see if directing a rehearsal is part of their package.
Here is a link to our
Rehearsal Guide.

DEPOSIT REQUIRED:  $30 Ceremony only / $50 Ceremony & Rehearsal.
Booking is competitive. To be fair to all, receipt of deposit determines booking and is non-refundable as no other appointments will be made around your time period. You can use PayPal on the Payments page, or if you prefer to mail a check or meet in person, please let us know while your date is available.



See Wedding Planning Tools for Special Ceremonies and Readings for weddings.


For small weddings with Bride, Groom and 12 additional persons or less you may want to consider having your ceremony at Dan's Cottage in central Lafayette. From the $60.00 casual marriage service to a full Ceremony at $220.00 or a small Ceremony & mini-reception with cake and punch for $500.00 - All three are great options for small weddings.

Go to Small Cottage Weddings.

A Proper English Tea Party

... A Private proper tea or coffee with an array of traditional sweet and savory treats. This is an awesome experience for you, your family, your wedding attendants, or for a small bridal shower. A simple pleasure that doen't need a reason!...schedule an afternoon break on one of your shopping days! It is a pleasure Rev. Dan provides for your guests and himself!  You can also host an educational tea to learn about teas, proper brewing and service!  Please call or email for full details.
Flat fee of $160 covers 5-12 persons. (Deposit required)  Email Dan

If you are planning your own wedding, Dan will be happy to visit with you
to lend his expertise and explore ways he can assist and help you save.
Dan can act of Day-of Coordinator for you at the very reasonable price of $350.
You can see all the Planning Tools here.

SMALL WEDDING CAKES : Please visit the Wedding Cakes page.

COUNSELING: Pre-marital and Covenant Counseling:  $50.00
                        Over 20 years continuous study and experience.

MARRIAGE LICENSE: You can get marriage license information HERE.

RENTALS: Limited rentals available. Go to the Rentals page.

History of Wedding Ring(s)
     The custom of wearing wedding rings on the left hand originated in the third century B.C. in Greece. Physicians of that time incorrectly believed that a vein in the third finger of the left hand ran directly into the heart. Therefore, it made compelling sense that this body part should be chosen to bear a symbol of eternal love. The vein was known as "Vena Amoris," the "Vein of Love."

     Having no scientific interpretation of their own, the Romans eventually adopted the Greeks' ring custom. Rather than offering rings as a token of love, they were made of iron and awarded to women as symbols of ownership.

     In the 12th century, Pope Innocent III declared that marriages must take place in a Catholic church and the ceremony must include the giving of rings. In the 16th century, England's monarch, King Edward the VI, mandated that the left hand be called "the marriage hand" since the heart is located on the left side of the body.

     Throughout history, wedding rings have been worn on different fingers, including the thumb, on both the left and right hand. However, it was thought that wearing a ring on the left hand helped prevent damage when performing physical labor, since most people were right-handed.

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